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About Diane Enright

We started our business in 1992 with a small office in Alberta. We were only a team of eight employees then. Some of them were fresh graduates. The real estate market back then was less saturated. There was less competition. So, we managed to get a good number of customers and keep up our reputation. Slowly, the competition increased and we found that there were lots of things to learn about the real estate market. We came up with our winning strategies to keep ahead of the competition. Our strategy was very simple. We always gave priority to our customers and achieving their satisfaction was our goal. No matter how bad the market condition was, we never compromised on our quality of service.


Our vision

We want to become a reputed international real estate agency providing excellent services to our clients. We want to carry out ethical and professional business practices all the time.


Our approach

  • We try to get new opportunities for our clients.
  • We strive to deliver value all the time.
  • We try to build long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We are proactive and face challenges with a positive attitude.
  • We have an open company culture in which everyone is very supportive.
  • We believe in providing continuous training to our employees.
  • We believe in teamwork and achieving great results as a team.


We are highly professional and make sure that we satisfy each of our clients. We don’t make any false promises and aim to provide the best quality service to our customers.

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