4 tips for starting a real estate business

A real estate business can be a very profitable business if you have the right knowledge and experience. You will need to do little work, but you can get lots of money from it. Here are some tips to start a real estate business.



You should get a college or university degree in finance or related field. This education is mandatory for getting a license as a broker. The educational requirement to obtain a license varies from state to state. For example, you will need 180 hours of real estate course before you can get a license to be a real estate sales agent. Then you will be required to complete a 270-hour real estate broker course to get a license as a real estate broker.


Work experience

After completing the courses you will need to pass in the real estate sales exam. You should then work for a number of years before you can get a license as a real estate broker. The number of years of experience varies from state to state. For example, in Texas, you need 4 years experience and in California, you need 2 years of experience.


Register your business

After you have obtained your license you can register your business. You will need to rent or lease out a property as your office. You need to hire employees to carry out your business.


Come up with strategy and build networks

The real estate market is very competitive. So, you will need to come up with a strong strategy to move your business forward. You will need to build up networks to attract clients.

It’s not easy to survive in this highly competitive market. But with the right strategy and a good team, you will be able to make a substantial profit out of your real estate business.


Infographic by: buffiniandcompany.com