Besides providing the regular services of buying, selling and renting properties, we also provide a lot of advisory services. Here are the major services that we offer to our clients.

Buying properties

With the housing price on the rise, it can be difficult to get a nice property within your budget. We have a comprehensive listing of properties in various areas and we can help you to choose the right property for you.

Selling properties

Selling properties can be very hectic. Lots of complicated works are involved in it. We help to increase the value of your house by suggesting renovations or improvements. We help in marketing your house so that it sells within a short time.

Renting properties

Renting a property can be a real challenge. Choosing the location, finding the amenities, etc. take time. We can make your searching process easy by helping you to find the perfect property to rent.

Getting mortgage

Many people don’t know how to apply for a mortgage. We provide advisory services related to mortgage. We discuss your credit score and suggest you how to improve it. We can give you information about various lenders from which you can get a mortgage.

Home maintenance

We provide home maintenance services as well. We have a separate department to do the task. People are now becoming more busy with their lives and don’t get enough time for the regular maintenance of their homes. We can take care of your home with utmost responsibility.

For all these services and more you can rely on us. We will be with you all the way and give you the best advice possible. Contact us to learn more about our services.